We invite you to visit the Department of Romanian language, culture and civilization from the Faculty of Letters, Babeș-Bolyai University.

Since 1974, every autumn thousands of students from all over the world have entered here in order to study intensively the Romanian language for one year. This year of Romanian language courses, also known as the preparatory year, offers foreign students the possibility to take up courses in Romanian, at the universities they want.

You are probably asking yourselves which is the secret of this extremely rapid progress in studying Romanian language.

Firstly, it is the fact that we use the direct method in teaching Romanian. That means using as little as possible any other languages but Romanian. Our teachers use Romanian language even from the first course. Secondly, the teachers always organize extremely efficient interactive courses, during which all the communicative language skills are involved. Those are: listening, reading, speaking and writing along with the grammar and the vocabulary. Another particularity of our courses is the fact that all the teachers from all the groups work using the same materials, the course books elaborated by the teachers who work at the department. Except these modern and interactive course books, the teachers also use audio and video materials as often as it is necessary.

First semester

It could be said that the progress the students make during this year is really spectacular. If they start the courses in October, even without having any knowledge of Romanian, after only two months they will be able to use the language at A1 level as it is described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. And after another two months of intensive courses they will be able to take the A2 exam in Romanian language.

Second semester

In June our students are able to pass the B2 exam, which allows them to enroll in the next academic year where they will study different specialities in Romanian: Medicine, Economics, European Studies, Political Sciences, Informatics etc. In conclusion, our students study Romanian for 9 months (around 700 hours) and they reach such a high linguistic level that we can state the fact that our methods and strategies prove their efficiency.

For those students that need extra study hours

For those students that need extra study hourswe’ve conceived a special tutoring system through which the students are helped by other Romanian students who are prepared to become teachers of Romanian as a foreign language during specific modules included in their master program. All these activities along with the study trips, the multicultural activities, but also the Romanian cultural identity course from the second semester intend to facilitate the socio-cultural immersion of the foreign students into the Romanian way of living. We can say that all these mentioned, makes from the preparatory year a big family that is joint by the Romanian language.