The Romanian Language Courses comprise 60 intensive hours of course (20 hours/week), designed on levels
of competence corresponding to the European reference framework for foreign languages: A1, A2-B1, B2-C1.
The student repartition on level groups is done after a placement test in the first day of the Romanian
language courses. Our language courses are distinguished by the fact that they are adapting to the students’
profile, the syllabus being adjusted in accordance with their needs and suggestions. The extremely rapid
progress of our students in assimilating the specific structures of the Romanian language is owed to several
factors. Firstly, the most frequent used method is the direct method which emphasizes the exclusive use of
the Romanian language in teaching, so that, from the first day of the Romanian language courses, students
are called on to generate oral and written discourse in the Romanian language, and, at the end of the
language courses, they are already placed at the A1+ level of competence, being capable to communicate
on specific topics of this level. The students of the intermediate or advanced groups can also register
spectacular progress, due to the work methods used during the language courses, which harmoniously
combine the drills and activities intended for the development of the four communication skills – the
understanding of the oral/written message, the generation of the oral/written messages – with those
intended for the linguistic competence (grammar and vocabulary). Generally speaking, the utilized work
methods have interactive features, relying on frontal activities (pair or group), organizing amusing and
efficient role plays which determine the students to communicate as much as possible in Romanian, in a
relaxing and extremely friendly atmosphere. Also, the course support at the students’ disposal is elaborated
by the research team of the Department of Romanian language, culture and civilization, the only
department in Romania that has an entire team specialized in issuing didactic materials and that organizes
including MA level training courses in the didactics of Romanian as a foreign language (RLS) or refresher
courses for RLS professors from home and foreign universities.

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