Who are we?

• a strong big team of enthusiast and young professionals with experience in teaching the Romanian language to foreigners; • we teach Romanian language to foreigners in our university; • we train the teachers of Romanian language as a second language or as a foreign language; • we write theoretical studies on what concerns the Romanian as a foreign language or as a second language; • we write and prepare didactic materials (coursebooks, tests, workbooks) for Romanian learning.

Our offer…

- Romanian language courses for all those interested, organized according to the CEFR’ s language levels; - Culture and civilization courses; - Training courses in teaching and assessing Romanian language; - Summer schools for children, teenagers and adults.

The European Union encourages communication in national languages and the plurilinguistic context of the future calls upon responsible institutions to promote their language abroad and strenghthen it on a national level. UBB as a public institution of higher education with its well-known three study lines and a European language policy has recently undertaken the mission to promote and sustain within the local, regional, national and international community the development of the Institute of Romanian Language as a European Language. The Institute of Romanian Language as a European Language is an institution whose mission is to promote education and research projects, to maintain and further develop theory and practice (in the field of Romanian language as a foreign language, as a mother-tongue language or non mother-tongue language) and to strengthen partnerships with other institutions. ILR-LE sets up its own objectives without harming the activities that are being developed by other institutions. It has been obvious that the main goal was to meet the needs of a multicultural and multilingual Europe. Therefore, ILR-LE provides a culture of proactive attitude and involvement by creating a new environment where both UBB Romanian language specialists and from other institutions are welcomed. Considering the facts mentioned above, there is a need for specialists in the field of Romanian as a foreign language (teachers, researchers, translators), for enthusiastic young people and a sustained and lifelong effort to strengthen partnerships with academic, cultural or media institutions.